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RFP – New Heater install / Mid Peninsula

Hi, thanks for reading/bidding  (RFP Jan 2016) We need another 2 bids on a new forced air furnace for a rental home. Licensed contractors only. It’s for a small home: 2 beds 1 bath 980 sqft Heater can be any brand, but not top of the line heater; more the economy/value range Placing in the […]

The Myth of the Remodeled Fixer Upper

Ah, the lure of the fixer, the lure of easy money? Fixer uppers can be a booby-trap! Or, is it simply find a run-down place and repair it for that easy win! Just like in all the TV shows! But there are hidden issues, as with anything that seems too good to be true. Without […]

Shipping Container Homes

It was nothing 20 years ago, but times have changed! Space is tighter, and there are more containers floating around. Check out some of these design inspirations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyVR1HC4kBU

what an honest home improvement contractor sounds like

Check this out. It’s what an honest home improvement contractor sounds like. Saw this on Youtube the other day & wanted to share. I’ve talked to many a contractor and subcontractor, and generally the honest ones will come off like this guy. Give it a view so you can also be on the lookout for the good guys! […]

Home Improvement and Reality TV

Home improvement in popular culture has made it mainstream. Beyond the TV show titled “Home Improvement”, plenty of shows on basic and extended cable are going after the drama and stress of home remodeling or home decorating. Check out the references in this Wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_improvement#In_popular_culture And why not? Home remodeling or decorating can be a […]