RFP – New Heater install / Mid Peninsula

Hi, thanks for reading/bidding  (RFP Jan 2016)

We need another 2 bids on a new forced air furnace for a rental home. Licensed contractors only.

It’s for a small home:
2 beds 1 bath 980 sqft

Heater can be any brand, but not top of the line heater; more the economy/value range

Placing in the attic is best. Access door from garage and enough pitch in roof to get proper clearance.

Gas is located in the garage, from the bottom at water heater. Running it up to the attic seems the best option.

Electrical panel has enough room. Panel is in garage, close to gas, close to heater location.

From central heater, 3-4 duct runs would be less than 15ft. average.

We will cut new holes in ceiling for vents & return. Boots will need to be supplied & installed.

We will pull permit (or do without).

we are www.RemodelAdvocates.com and assist homeowners with these things. We have other jobs to bid.

Please send over your bid (rough) and those that are in line with reasonable expectations will be invited to the job site to inspect and finalize their price.
Include your company website or info about your company, and contact info of course.


Send to

info [at] RemodelAdvocates [dot] com

leave a comment below to let us know  you’re bidding, or if we forgot any details.