Photos on Houzz for remodeling inspiration

How To Use Houzz, Pinterest or Google For Remodeling Design

How To Use Houzz For Remodeling Design

Houzz is a website with a tremendous amount of LARGE format home remodeling picures. And home design picures. They are simple gorgeous.
The site is different from Pinterest in that the images fill your screen instead of some small 200 pixel banner type thing. Like Pinterest though, you can sort and save images in Houzz. Unlike Pinterest, Houzz is focussed on home design and construction, so that’s the place to be when dreaming up your dream home!
The thing to do is create a board for different rooms, or just notes or ideas, or if you are in the remodeling trade, for different clients or prospects.
As you browse the site, you can save images and the site’s algorythm will try to suggest other images that might be of interest. So when you come back, you may see new stuff. You can also follow different tradesmen or suppliers, but you won’t see new photos from them that often. Unless they are a supplier, say a lighting contractor supplier, that is really trying ot keep their brand and message out there.
When saving photos, notes can be made. So, a good strategy is to save a pic, note what you liked about it, and compile a set that you can use to show a home designer or home remodeling contractor. Share it also with your husband or wife, so you can decide on things ahead of time and save a lot of time and grief when meeting with that kitchen design specialist or general contractor.
The beauty of visual design boards vs. just listing what you want, or worse, just keeping it in your head, is that the details can get flushed out and talked about. This saves the age-old problem of miscommunication which often if not always, drives up the cost of remodeling when things need to be changed later, when you the client can actually see them.

How To Use Pinterest For Remodeling Design

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